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    Golden Forever Corporation, which own six quarries & three stone processing factories, is an integrated company for stone extracting, stone processing & Marketing. We always stand at the leading position of its kind through the years.

    We could meet different requirements from our clients, no only tiles & slabs, but diversified special-shaped stone products, such as carvings, washbasins thin slabs & tiles, bush hammered. We have been undertaking many projects both home and abroad. Our quality & service make us gain the accordant agreements of our clients.

    Meantime, we also own one diamond tools factory and one plumbing equipments factory. We export correlative products to many countries. We are the OEM for many famous diamond tools company worldwide.

    Meantime, we always carry out “ISO9002” International quality system. “Satisfying all customers with satisfactory quality and services” is the guideline of our company. We sincerely hope that we could not only be your business partner, but your good friends.

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